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factory and reproduction magazines that are made to the same specifications as the factory FN magazines using the same materials. FREE shipping on orders over $75 Welcome to Impact Guns, the nation’s top online gun dealer. With our unbeatable prices and dedication to friendly customer service, we make it our mission to provide responsible gun owners with high-quality firearms and accessories. From your child’s first hunting rifle to the rare and hard-to-find limited runs, we have it all.

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Fine 1911 pistols and rifles for both the hunter and shooter. Kimber offers law enforcement tactical pistols and rifles, less-lethal self-defense products, light weight rifles and mountain rifles.
Aug 24, 2011 · Two problems I have encountered and reported to Henry: (1) the lever does not lock into position with a full magazine and (2) cartridges must be 1.58″ or better or they will not feed properly. The original Henry rifles had a retainer behind the lever to lock it into place. This would be an easy fix for the first problem. The only problem is that they replaced the bolt and it still jams. After further examination and study by friends with Henrys we have come to the conclusion that the Carrier (part 08/09) and or the Carrier feed lever (part 11) are causing the problem. Have a note to Henry awaiting return authorization and UPS shipping label.

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Dec 23, 2017 · Overall, it’s hard to find any complaints about these weapons. I really enjoyed my time with the Henry 30-30 rifle and I think you will too. Henry 30 30 Rifle Magazines. Even if you may not be so familiar with lever action rifles, I recommend you give these a try. Their action is super smooth and easy to use, so they’re great even for ...
The Model 70 Classic Featherweight is an attractive looking rifle of proven design. The safety system allows the bolt to be operated, with the firing pin locked, when in the intermediate position. There were no problems experienced with the magazine. This rifle, which preferred Winchester ammunition, was easy to use in the offhand position. Bent Barrel? No problem! Norinco KL-38 'Fast Deer' Review Al's Custom Twinmaster Barrel Re-Crowning Techniques Want to camouflage your airgun? Look here! Make your own rotary magazine holder Modifying the Crosman 1077 RepeatAir Umarex AirMagnum 850 and Walther Dominator 1250 High Velocity airgun pellets? Maybe not what you thought.

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BSA Super Mag 17 SM 4.5-14x44mm RGB Riflescope This is a specialized scope for serious varmint hunters who use the new .17 WSM cartridge. It has a built in drop compensation reticle for both 20 grain and 25 grain bullets.
Henry rifles have a reputation for being solid, reliable firearms. The sights used on modern Henry rifles are all traditional dovetail sights, meaning they are relatively simple to remove in order to add replacement sights. The technique used for removing or replacing dovetail sights will be the same regardless of the caliber or type of firearm. The Henry U.S. Survival rifle is extremely lightweight, weighing in at only 2.5 pounds. It can be easily broken down into three pieces in a couple of seconds, and all of those pieces fit nicely inside the waterproof stock — including 24 rounds of ammo, if you have the magazines fully loaded with one in the receiver.

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Custom dies for .41 Mag re-chambers are hard to come by. .45/70 presents no viable re-chambering options, but both older .41 Mag. and all .45/70 barrels need to have the throats lengthened for better accuracy. In fact, .45/70 factory barrels have no throat. General comments about all vintages of TC factory barrels.
Henry 44M Big Boy L/Action 10Shot American Walnut Octag HEN006 Henry 357M Big Boy L/Action 10 Shot American Walnut Octag HEN006M Henry 30-30 Steel Round Barrel HEN009 Henry 30-30 Brass Octagon Barrel HEN009B Henry Lever Action 45-70 Steel Round Barrel 4 Shot American Walnut HEN010 Henry Long Ranger Lever Action 223 rem HEN014223 Henry Long Ranger Lever Action 243 WIN HEN014243 Henry Long ... The original M16 rifles were fed from a box-shaped aluminum magazine, holding 20 rounds. New 30-round curved magazines were introduced in 1970. Standard adjustable iron sights of the M16 are of diopter type. Range adjustments are made by rotating a rear knob. First production rifles had a sighting range of 500 meters.

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The tubular magazine tops off at 7 rounds. Both the straight-grip stock and forearm are crafted of select American walnut accented with a brass barrel band and Henry’s recognizable brass receiver. All have the crisp, smooth action that sets an authentic American-made Henry apart from other lever action rifles on the range and in the woods today.
Nov 19, 2007 · The 22 magnum is underrated as a self defense cartridge.I carry a Charter Arms Pathfinder loaded with these bullets.It is not just a small game round.Low recoil,accuracy,high velocity all combine for precision self defense shots.The gun also stays on target. The only problem is we need high quality 22 mag pistols with a 20 round capacity.No ... One caveat: This rifle only comes with one 10 round magazine, and I've had problems with mine double feeding/jamming after the 6th or 7th round. HOWEVER! > as this rifle is a copy of the Mossberg 702 rifle, it is compatible with the 25 round 702 magazines, and the one I have works perfectly, although pretty hard to feed after loading the 15th ...

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TWS Dog Leg Rail Gen III - AKM, AK-47 / 74 Top Cover & Mount $161.50
Normally, when you shop for guns online you have to pay a transfer fee to the receiving dealer. If you do not live near a Rural King store, you can still buy a gun online and have it shipped to a private dealer. Shop for handguns, rifles, shotguns and pay a flat rate of $12.99 per order no matter how many firearms you buy in our online gun shop.